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Blockchain-based social media platform which collects reviews and rewards users with tokens for their activity.


Vexl is a mobile app that provides its users with a simple, accessible and secure way to trade bitcoins as intended - peer-to-peer and without KYC.


Competitive gaming platform providing Play, Own & Earn experience to a community of players through mobile gaming.

Moonlift Capital

Moonlift Capital is a crosschain turnkey incubator, full service provider and VC running on Binance Smart Chain


Next-gen analytics platform for crypto traders combining traditional and alternative data to help customers identify the hidden opportunities on the market.


Play2Earn "Tamagochi style" game with in-place tokenomics a NFT usage. The game is a native application for Android and iOS platforms.


An investment platform leveraging the potential of crypto.

Web 2.0 projects


Cleevio has developed the iOS and Android apps, which enable customers to find the closest McDonald’s restaurant, its opening hours, and services offered by the restaurant. The app also includes an overview of all menu items sold at McDonald’s, including current special offers and seasonal items.


We developed a business travel management tool for the Deloitte Group and their major clients. Employees of multinational companies can easily enter and manage business trips, while Deloitte clients receive an automated overview of the costs and reasons for business trips in a simple user interface.


Driverama provides an online, hassle-free car transaction process, whether it involves buying or selling a used car.


GoodTrust is a digital-legacy platform that secures your digital assets such as websites, social media accounts, streaming subscriptions, and documents after you pass away.

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